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Create real rust on pieces for an aged Antique look


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Patina Paint
Create REAL Rust and Patina with our Patina Paint! Choose between Iron, Copper and Bronze for 3 different results! After one coat of Dixie Belle Paint, apply one coat of Patina Paint, let dry. Apply second coat of Patina Paint and while still wet, apply a Patina Spray. Sit back, enjoy the magic and watch the rust begin! Patina Paint incorporates real metal and naturally reacts as the patina spray is applied
  • These paints come in 8 oz containers.
Patina Spray
Transform your everyday pieces into rusty, crusty metal look-a-likes! Patina Spray when used with Patina Paint will activate for a fun faux metal look on all pieces.
  • Patina Spray comes in an 8 oz container
To activate Iron Patina Paint, you must use the Green Spray After each use, be sure to rinse out the spray nozzle thoroughly and seal the container with the cap. Do not store the nozzle inside the spray
Prime Start 8oz
Prime Start is the perfect protectant when using Patina products over metal. The proprietary formula blocks the Patina layer from affecting the metal below. Prime start is only needed when working on metal pieces.
  • Prime Start comes in an 8 oz container

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